Home based preschool providing year round care and education

About our Preschool



     Garden’s Hollow Preschool offers children a nurturing, warm home environment which allows them the opportunity to explore and discover their own natural curiosity, and creativity. They learn through hands-on, open ended, sensory oriented activities; in areas such as dramatic play, creative arts, language, science, math, cooking and so much more.    

     Our small and consistent group size enables individualized instruction to each child’s needs, abilities, interests and learning styles: “When you start with a child’s strengths and interests you open the door to learning in all areas”-Ellen Booth Church. The ultimate goal is children becoming happy, confident and engaged learners.


We Believe:

-in messy exploration! 

-in sensory discovery

-we all learn differently and at our own pace.

-children are capable and great problem solvers given the time, patience and support.

-in the benefits of outdoor play

-in kindness and respect for ourselves, others and our environment.

-in friends helping friends 

-learning should be fun


Basic Preschool Information:

-Open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m

-Year round preschool/child care

-Snacks and lunch provided

-Ages 2.5-6 years

-Small group size

-California licensed facility

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